Russian backpacker missed in Afghanistan (Badakhshan province, Wakhan)!!!  

Bereznitsky Sergei, born in Moscow, Russia on July 9, 1980.
Planned interary: Moscow-Tajikistan-Faizabad-Ishkashim-Vakhan Corridor-Iran-Moscow. Was supposed to return no later than early October 2006. Last text message recieved by cell phone from Faizabad on August 27, through Afghan Wireless Communication Company.

Features: 180 cm tall, black hair, brown eyes, straight nose. One ear has unusual angular shape.
Clothing: yellow-green pants with yellow pockets, black pants, Russian-made trekking boots, camouphlage anorak coat, beige and white brimmed hat, dark-blue fleece pullover.
Gear: large black backpack, pickaxe, crampons.
Skills: experienced mountaineer and hitchhiker, has visited Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, speaks fluent English and colloquial Arabic.
Documents: Russian passport#60N4943168; letter from the Academy of Free Travel in Arabic, possibly also in English and Farsi; Vakhan Corridor maps.

If you met Sergei during last two month, or maybe heard something about him, please contact coordinator of search: Kononov Nikolay by email:

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