I always dreamed to spend some time in the really wild forests, to be far away from any human being. With minimal equipment and food, just to be closer to nature. In Russia it's still possible to find such vast uninhabited areas - like Taimyr or Chukotka, but more hard to arrange few months of time, needed for such a travel. Forests in north-east of Kostroma region appeared to be a good compromise - less than one day from Moscow, but extending for almost hundred kilometers without any human settlements, only few old, destroyed roads remind about civilization. We started this cross-forest journey from small town of Kologriv...


traditional Kostromi house



Last night in "civilization"

Abandoned village









Let's see where this arrow points...

...just a village cemetery  

Endless trees, swamps, rivers for five next days...













Last day we walked along fantastically beautiful banks of Pezhenga river  





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